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Brick Wall 3D Psd

Hi friends , For Psd lovers ,Today i have 3d Psd , is like Broken Brick wall. You can use your as background and some effects to get a great result 3d, This Psd is " Brick Wall 3D Psd ". All this For Your Pictures , Give a try

How To use :

Step-1 Download Brick Wall PSD file frome 'fileswap' and than save it in your computer. Open Photoshop and go File < Open (Ctrl+O) and select the Brick Wall PSD file you downloaded.

Step-2 Also open your (the pic you want the .PSD to effect).

Step-3 Now drag the adjustments from the .Brick Wall PSD file, over to your . adjustments may be in groups or layers. If they are in layers, click the first adjustment layer, hold ’Shift’ and then click on the last adjustment layer. In this way you select all the layers... Use you mind and make something beautiful from this PSD .

5.8 MB

Before Your Download give me your opinion about this Brick Wall Psd Please
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